[NEW!] Graduation original package 10 bags (adult cocoa or hot chocolate)

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Would you like to express your gratitude when changing jobs, moving, or graduating? Graduation original package. You can choose either adult cocoa or hot chocolate for the contents.

"Adult Cocoa"
 This is a mature cocoa with a modest sweetness and richness, made with carefully selected raw materials from the production area. Inside, we use only cacao, which has high health benefits, that is chopped as it is, and sweetness that contains a lot of minerals such as brown sugar, which is kind to the body.

"hot chocolate"
As a cocoa specialty store, it is a cup that takes advantage of the characteristics of cacao. It has a strong aroma and is characterized by fruity cocoa. It is a rich and healthy chocolate drink. For sweetness, we use only millet sugar, which contains a lot of minerals, and carefully wrap each cup as a gift for your loved ones.

[Contents] Individual packaging (1 cup) x 10 bags [Allergen] Contains milk ingredients
*It takes about a week for the product to be shipped.